6 comments on “Fun on the playground

  1. I’ve been enjoying your photos immensely since I subscribed, and these are no exception. She’s a sweet little thing, isn’t she? Reminds me a bit of my grandson, who is almost 3 – he’d have your camera in pieces too! Toddlers are such fun!

  2. second one and last one are the best in my opinion. They have good composition and tell a very emotional story about childhood, and maybe a sprinkle of loneliness. I think the second photo is the best, because it reveals a lot about how the child is feeling, and emphasizes the loneliness with the empty swing next to her. Might not have been what you were going for, but that’s just my interpretation.

    On another note, she is cute! I love how young people like to play and have fun.

    Great photos,

    Kevin Chen

    • I would agree with you. She doesn’t have any siblings so there are times when she has to entertain herself. Thanks for the comments.

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