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  1. Bees are one of God’s cool creatures. Concerned about the bee dilemma I planted lavender throughout my yard and I am seeing bees returning. I adore the fat, black bumblebees. They remind me of something out of Winnie-the-Pooh. Thanks for the post.
    Blue Skies,

  2. I don’t know what I’m afraid of most: bees or betrayal.

    And as a woman who has been through the ultimate betrayal, that’s saying A LOT!


    Fun post — seems harmless enough. And maybe even a little fun.

  3. That’s so cool! Must have been an amazing experience to be around all those bees.
    I never knew that it’s called an apiary.

    • It was a very soothing and tranquil experience. On the other hand, the reporter that was with me was very anxious and nervous, so he got stung a few times, and was a little grumpy about the day.

  4. Honey Bee

    Abu Bin Adam was a young child in Multan Pakistan, it was July 11th 1977, the day was very hot and humid one of Abu’s friend from school decided to skip school for that day to go and eat fresh honey from bee hives. Abu and his friend decided to take the a few cows, buffalos, sheep’s and his friends dog Tommy for herding and their job was to keep eyes on the animals and take them to the river so they can eat and swim. Abu’s favorite ride was the bull ride by holding the bulls horns and Abu’s job was to keep eyes on the animals and to twist their tail whenever they slowed down.

    After few hours they got to the river and went to find the bee hives, within an hour later they were able to find an hive underneath a mango tree in a mango garden, Abu never had a problem with the honeybees to take the honey, but that day the bees were angry and wouldn’t let Abu or his friend close to their hive to get honey. So Abu and his friend decided to borrow a match to make smoke to get the bees away from the hive. Finally they were able to find a match from a guy at the river, Abu and his friend created smoke, most of the bees took off and left.

    Many of the bees were still in the hollow of the tree but they were dizzy due to smoke and harmless. Abu took fresh honey from the hive and put it in both of his eyes which made his eyes irritated but after a few second his eyes felt very fresh. Then Abu and his friend took all the honey from the hive and put it in a small jar. Some how from the tree, 10 for 15 bees stung Abu friend on his forehead which made him dizzy, he sat down on the ground and started crying which made Abu very worried. A couple bees stung the dog Tommy too. Abu prayed to his God (Rab) and asked Heavenly Light what to do to help his friend.

    The Heavenly Light told abu to take flowers from a mango tree and rub it in your hand for 10 minutes that created a smell in hands and put your hands on your friends forehead, the pain will then disappear. So abu did exactly what the heavenly light had said and put his hands on his friends forehead where the bee had bitten the pain disappeared and his friend was better so they decided to go back to the river to check on the animals at the river.

    Blessing on humanity (Rabi) from the father and the son with Holy Spirit of Human Fealty.

    Time went by quick and in July 1991 Abu happened to be in New York at a collage with one of his friends. His friend happened to get stung by a bee and had a allergic reaction and stomach pain so he called 911 for an ambulance which took him to the hospital. That evening Abu finished his job and went to see his friend at the hospital.

    His friend was in the bed with his legs up so Abu asked the doctor what had happened and the doctor told Abu that he had gas pressure and we gave him anti gas medicine and that you can take him home now. The total bill at the hospital was $3,700. Abu came home and prayed to his God ( Rab) and asked heavenly light why lack of patience in an educated society ?

    Answer was spoiled.

    Human Faith is heavenly light of knowledge restriction on sacred light is eclipse on humanity and blasphemy.

    Human Faith is a religious of God (Rab) of humanity (Rabi). The definition of humanity (Rabi)in our faith is the quality of being humane and respectful for life. The Divine Affirmations of human faith are the commandment of God (Rab) of Humanity (Rabi). The crime against the Divine Affirmations is blasphemy and great disrespect for our God (Rab) of humanity (Rabi).

    Human faith teaches not only moral values it can give realistic purpose of achieving complete fulfillment of internal life. Our method of understanding both the universe and life is based on unlimited confidence in individual by teaching respect of nature.

    Human faith is Mehdi’s and Adam’s monotheistic faith and knows that God (Rab) is the creator and overseer of the universe at all the time and all matters. It is time to modernize our faith by adopting true faith and educate mankind in accordance with basic principle of life. Our vision is to introduce true human religion by mobilizing communities and faiths around the world to improve people’s lives .Our mission is to strength the bond of humanity (Rabi) by introducing heavenly light .


  5. Wow, great photos! Bees are amazing creatures and we should all be full of appreciation of them, especially now they’re in decline. I forget what percentage of the world’s crops they pollinate, but I know it was very high… I also find the way they have a ‘swarm mind’ fascinating. Lucky you filming them, it sounds interesting. xxx

    • Thanks for the compliment. This was my first time among that many bees, and I wasn’t sure how I would react, but when I got out there and heard the humming I found it soothing.

  6. Bees are our friends …. My friend Sam’s father used to have several boxes of bees. Would sell the honey out in their front yard. Did this for several years where people would drive for miles to get some of his honey. Great pictures and it was worth the OUCH.

    • I would like to try to raise some bees one of these days. The honey up here is definitely worth driving for. Thanks for the kind words and stopping by.

  7. I feel for you – I’ve had a fever almost every day for the past couple years. You’re pictures are amazing. I love bees. I really want to invest in a hive, but my current location prohibits the venture.

    • Wow, now I feel lucky that my fever only lasted a week. I hope you feel better. Thanks for yuor kind words and for stopping by.

    • It was really amazing how much these guys really love these bees. Sometimes it is hard to get people you interview to talk about whatever their topic is, but these guys talked nearly non-stop about their bees for two hours. Thanks for the kind words.

  8. My neighbor, from whom I get fresh eggs, has bees for honey making. He is always swarming with those bees whenever I come over to pick up eggs and he makes me come close to get those eggs. I’m learning to not be so nervous around them, they’re really not as interested in me as I originally assumed. My feelings aren’t hurt one bit!

    • As long as you move slow, and act calm they can be quite gentle. But if you have allergies then I could see how being around bees could be terrifying.

  9. As somebody with a mild phobia of bees, wasps, and hornets, I am wondering how nasty they really are. Do they truly only sting when provoked?

    • I wasn’t wearing gloves so that I could work the controls on my cameras. A number of them landed on my hands and I didn’t get stung. I found the whole experience to be tranquil, so I was pretty calm. Meanwhile, the reporter that was with me was nervous and anxious the whole time. He was completely covered in protective gear, but the bees still found a way to sting him a few times.

      • I’ve heard that gloves force you to handle bees a little rougher, and they don’t like it…it requires more finesse to use just your hands.

  10. That sole bee on the shoulder reminds me an X-File episode, or was it the movie. Fantastic photos….hopefully you were protected being that close. congrats on being freshly pressed

  11. I am posting today pictures of my son visiting with a bee keeper. He is only seven and loves all types of bees. He will catch them for a few minutes between clear plastic cup and watch them. I hope you can make it over and see the fascination in his eyes.

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    • Thanks. I wasn’t wearing the protective gloves so that I could make quick adjustments. The most difficult part was manually focusing with the macro lens, the protective screen made everything seem a little blurry.

  13. Thank u for sharing with us

    I start my day with little spoon of honey. I never stop that habit. It is good for any kind og stomach problem.

    One day I found bee hive on the tree of Lemon in my garden,I was very happy when I found it but unfortunately after some weeks the bees left the hive and I never see them again.

  14. woooohhh, amazing photos. Actually your post reminded me of the beehive that was there near my place, on a tree in my uncle’s tea plantation. The taste of the natural honey is great.

    • Thanks. Find a local apiary or beekeeping hobbyist. From talking to the the to beekeepers the beekeeping community loves to educate people about their passion. They would probably let you get dressed in a suit and let you snap some shots.

  15. ohhh!!!swarm of bees,even i am starting my days with a small amount of honey at my home.
    Really its good for health.Handle the bees is very difficult,bees are very dangerous.

  16. mmm…. I’d love to try some of that honey! We used to get honey from hives that were in an apple orchard. Love how they all have their own regional flavours. Thanks for the highlighting these little creatures who don’t get enough thanks!

  17. I would be scared if I worked with bees. The honey would taste awesome though. Great blog. I was wondering if you could check out my blog. Come and see an 11 year old’s view on all things baseball. Please offer any advice that you may have.


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  19. I like bees and enjoyed to view your post. My favourite picture is the bee sitting on the man’s shoulder. It’s like it would ask: “Would you like to be my friend?” 🙂 – Thanks much for sharing, Lloyd!

  20. woah thats so cool! have you ever been stung before? i have even though im not a beekeeper. can you visit my site im just getting it started?

    • Thanks. I’m a photographer. That was my first time in a bee suit. I wasn’t wearing gloves so that I could work my cameras, and many of the bees landed on my hands with out stinging me.

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